Monday Morning 8 Week MBSR with Erica Balfour in D2


Date: Monday Morning, 20th January - 9th March Includes Full Day of Mindfulness, 29th February

Time: 10am - 12.30pm

Cost: €350 (Some concessions available for the unemployed: please ask Erica for details)

Facilitator: Erica Balfour - BSc Env. Science, HDip Psych, Dip Mindful Communication

Course Type: 8 week MBSR course with Erica Balfour in D2

Venue: The Mindfulness Centre, 33 Lr. Pembroke St., Dublin 2

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Course Information:

“Mindfulness is not something that you have `to get` or acquire. It is already deep within you – a deep internal resource available and patiently waiting to be reawakened and used in the service of learning, growing, and healing”. (Centre for Mindfulness, Massachussetts).

Mindfulness is about developing ways to stay more in the present moment, and spending less time and energy focused on the future or the past.  Through mindfulness we begin to see our feelings and thoughts in a different way, and so come to have a new attitude and approach which is less judgemental and more in touch with reality.  A mindfulness practice can help us  interrupt  the destructive cycles of thoughts and actions which can so easily sabotage our wellbeing.

To quote Jon Kabat-Zinn MBSR is intensive training in the art of living”   This  8-week program was developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and is aimed at helping participants learn how to manage the physical and psychological symptoms of stress related to psychological or medical stressors.

‘The anxious mind is always worrying about what might go wrong, or what might happen if…. or about unfounded fears and feelings of overwhelm. Someone with anxiety feels trapped by their anxious thoughts.

The depressed mind feels sad, hopeless, wishing things to be different.

The stressed mind feels pressured and sees life as if it was an Everest mountain to climb.

The pain mind feels trapped in a body that is not healthy; fears eternal pain, dwells on possible solutions, or can feel tired and hopeless.”

  • MBSR is a program that teaches participants how to relate to and manage their personal pain and struggles in more effective and self-caring ways.
  • MBSR is training in how to gain mastery over our minds so that we can weaken the power of anxious, depressive, obsessive, stressful, or torturous thoughts.
  • MBSR teaches participants a series of mindfulness practices that invite more clarity and calm in the midst of life’s storms.

For further details of current research studies into Mindfulness based Approaches

Erica has a background in Environmental Science and has worked as researcher, project manager and a marketer in Banking.  When she lost her mother to Breast Cancer she decided to leave Banking and train as a psychotherapist.  She  began exploring the personal benefits of Mindfulness meditation in response to the struggles of parenting a young family in the midst of grief.  She became curious about how this practice could make life richer and more easeful, even in the tricky times.  she completed her MBSR/MBCT teacher training through The Mindfulness Centre and since then has been offering mindfulness workshops, individual coaching and group training programs through her previous practice in Kilkenny, and now with The Mindfulness Centre, D2.  Erica recently completed a 9 month training in Mindful Communication and is turning to her mindful communication practice to make deeper connections to life one conversation at a time.  Erica also keenly interested in The Environment and how to bring her practice as a way to bear witness to Climate Change and Biodiversity loss.

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