Date: Monday 22 February - 19 April (Note: we will have a break on 5 April because of Easter)

Time: 6.30 pm to 9.00 pm

Cost: Cost: €350 (I don't want money to be an insurmountable obstacle for people who might really want to participate but can't for financial reasons. There are always some concession places available. Contact Barry to arrange)

Facilitator: Barry Lee

Course Type: Online MBSR Course

Venue: Online

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Course Information:

Mini Retreat Date: Sunday 28th March (10.00 am to 15.00 pm)

I first learned about meditation in 2007, the year I qualified as a solicitor. I suffered badly from anxiety and work related stress at the time and I found meditation extremely helpful. Initially I saw it as something which helped alleviate stress however over time I came to understand that mindfulness is really about learning to be fully awake in our lives. The 8 week MBSR programme is a practical and experiential introduction to a variety of mindfulness practices. We will look at various ways in which mindfulness can be incorporated into daily life: how it can help us to appreciate what is already here; how it can help us to respond wisely when we are faced with difficult experiences; how it can help us to navigate our emotions; how it can help us to communicate more effectively and ultimately how it can help us to take better care of ourselves. We can learn how to live mindfully.

The MBSR programme was developed by John Kabat Zinn over 40 years ago and has a very extensive evidence base. It has been shown to be particularly helpful for people dealing with stress and anxiety.


“I was not quite sure what to expect when embarking on this eight week programme. Working in healthcare as a GP I am so highly aware of the physical, emotional and psychological effects of stress – and this is applicable not only to my patients, but of course to me also. From the first hour in this informal, welcoming space and open, responsive group I knew that this course was going to be practical, easily applicable, and would likely leave me with some incredibly useful life skills. I was not wrong. Having purchased many a mindfulness book coupled with great intentions in the past I had never actually gotten around to the practical application of the theory. This is where Barry’s skill as a super teacher and guide on this path came to the fore. His gentle, open, welcoming personality fostered honest, progressive group discussion and debate. I found the home exercises enjoyable throughout and was amazed at how my own intuition regarding my personal stress response mechanisms and ability to identify and halt these emotions developed throughout the eight weeks. I am happy to wholeheartedly and without hesitation recommend this programme and will certainly encourage my own patients trying to deal with stress to apply for a place on this extremely worthwhile course. Don’t debate it; if you have been considering a mindfulness based stress reduction course, book on to Barry’s. You won’t regret it.”

– Dr Clodagh Keegan – General Practitioner 

About the facilitator

Barry is a certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher and yoga instructor. He has practiced meditation for over ten years and has trained as a mindfulness teacher with the Institute for Mindfulness Based Approaches. He has since completed further training in a range of other mindfulness-based interventions including Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living and Awakening Joy. He is a member of the Mindfulness Teachers Association of Ireland and is a registered member of Yoga Alliance UK & Ireland (Certified Experienced Teacher). Barry worked for over ten years as a corporate lawyer and has significant experience delivering mindfulness training to organisations in the corporate sector. In 2017, he founded Mindfulness for Law ( with the intention of bringing the benefits of mindfulness training to the legal profession. He has facilitated workshops and courses in many of the top Irish law firms. In 2016, he co-founded Nature in Mind (, an educational organisation which aims to help people improve their health and well-being through mindfully connecting with the natural world.