Date: 'til December 31, 2020

Time: pre-recorded

Cost: Course is offered freely as a gesture of solidarity in this lockdown.

Facilitator: Emma Philbin Bowman, Psychotherapist

Course Type: Self Development

Venue: Online, via Zoom and Teachable

Course Information:

To Receive & To Savour

‘til Dec 31, 2020

with psychotherapist and facilitator

Emma Philbin Bowman

To Receive and To Savour – a kernel module from The Art of Wanting

Pre-recorded on Teachable, this small, accessible course offers inspiration and reflection on how we can deepen our abilities to receive and to savour.  Deepening our Receptivity can be a source of great nourishment and support; remembering to Savour – when we can – raises our sense of abundance and pleasure.

In a modest way, these are capacities that speak to the moment we are in, and build resilience, pleasure, and – hopefully – opportunities to rest and be revived.

The course can be accessed from your computer, or on your smartphone by downloading the Teachable app…

“receptivity is the capacity that allows us to accept divine support, as well as the gifts of others and of nature. Like a plant drawing nutrients from the earth, we are equipped with the ability to receive guidance and well-being from a field greater than ourselves. But if we’ve been conditioned by scarcity, or the culture’s pronounced bias towards doing, we may have atrophied the receiving muscle. Once we understand the value of receiving, we can begin to draw on the support that so many of us crave.”

from “Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home” by Toko-pa Turner

Emma Philbin Bowman

Emma’s original degree was in Philosophy and English Literature. Over the past two decades she has worked chiefly as a psychotherapist, writer and group facilitator (at, UCD, and independently). In between these two lives, she was immersed in Buddhist and Advaita teachings and practice – and gardening. More recently, she has studied extensively within the Diamond Approach and with Thomas Hubl – contexts that expand spiritual development alongside relational skills and the integration of trauma.

Emma is a passionate advocate of integration, human complexity and how we may – throughout our lives – continue to support our individual growth and expression within the wider contexts of which we are a part. In her original workshops and courses, she cultivates an environment of safety, trust and subtlety of process that allows participants to deepen their authenticity, insight and self-experience, while also expanding our empathy for others.