Mindful Movement Intro – Martin Towey2019-05-28T16:06:58+01:00
Sitting Meditation – Martin Towey2019-05-28T16:04:34+01:00
Sitting Meditation Intro – Martin Towey2019-05-28T15:50:03+01:00
The Body Scan Intro – Martin Towey2019-05-29T09:32:50+01:00
Dominic Cogan Sitting Meditation (45 mins)2018-01-23T11:53:07+00:00
Dominic Cogan Mindful Movement (50 mins)2018-01-24T12:56:54+00:00
Dominic Cogan Body Scan (45 mins)2019-05-28T16:12:00+01:00
Sitting Meditation with Helen Byrne2017-12-05T10:33:56+00:00
Sitting Meditation with Josephine Lynch – 30 mins2017-11-17T16:00:34+00:00
Mindful Movement with Josephine Lynch2017-11-17T15:18:34+00:00
Sitting Meditation with Helen Byrne2017-10-23T14:34:30+01:00
Sitting meditation with Fiona O’Donnell (35 mins)2017-11-17T15:18:56+00:00
Breath and Body with Fiona O’Donnell (10 Minutes)2017-11-17T15:19:16+00:00
Mountain Meditation with Fiona O’Donnell (15 mins)2017-11-17T15:19:36+00:00