Sitting Meditation with Josephine Lynch – 30 mins2020-07-21T15:36:09+01:00
Mindful Movement with Josephine Lynch2020-07-21T15:36:10+01:00
Turning towards difficulty soften, soothe, allow: Josephine Lynch2020-07-21T15:38:22+01:00
Josephine Lynch 3 minute Breathing Space Short meditation practice2020-07-21T15:38:23+01:00
Josephine Lynch 10 minute Sitting Meditation mindfulness practice2020-07-21T15:38:23+01:00
Josephine Lynch 17 Mins Turning Towards difficulty sitting Meditation2020-07-21T15:38:23+01:00
Josephine Lynch Informal Self Compassion Break (5 min)2020-07-21T15:38:23+01:00
Josephine Lynch Affectionate Breathing (11 min) Mindful Self Compassion Guided Meditation2020-07-21T15:38:23+01:00
Josephine Lynch Soles of the feet 10 Guided Meditation2020-07-21T15:38:24+01:00