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We have added some videos of our team guiding meditations to our Youtube channel.
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Join us for Daily, Live On-Line Guided Meditations at 12 Noon and 8pm, Free to All:

Dear Friends,

For the moment our person to person events and classes are cancelled.  There are new online courses available now on our courses/retreats page.

Often, in the ordinary ebb and flow of our lives,  we can fall into the illusion that we are in control and safe.  Now, in the face of the corona virus threat, we find we need to be flexible, to respond creatively, with wisdom and compassion, so that we can support ourselves and each other.  This is a time when it becomes really clear, in spite of the illusion of separateness,  that we are all interconnected and our behaviour effects not only ourselves but each other and the wider community.

We are holding live Zoom meditations at 12 noon and 8pm each day, Monday to Friday, and one session at 12pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

You can find an ‘Introduction to the Daily Meditations’ Sessions on our new YouTube channel video here

There is a real sense of community emerging and it is never too late to join in.  All your feedback and any suggestions you might have are welcome to info@mindfulness.ie

These sessions are offered freely but you might consider making a donation to support the teachers during this difficult time or indeed one of the charities that the Monday evening drop-in group regularly contributes to.  If you would like to do this please click on the links here.




Here are the links to each day’s meditations:

Monday 12pm Meditation Group with Niamh Barrett

Monday 8pm Meditation Group with Helen Byrne

Monday 8.30pm – 9.30pm  Meditation and Connection Circle with Niamh Barrett (please register in advance)

Tuesday 12pm Meditation Group with Fiona O Donnell

Tuesday 8pm Meditation Group with Niamh Digan

Wednesday 12pm Meditation Group with Erica Balfour

Wednesday 8pm Meditation Group with Josephine Lynch

Thursday 12pm Meditation Group with Dominic Cogan

Thursday 8pm Meditation Group with Noeleen Fitzgerald

Friday 12pm Meditation Group with Orna Cooke

Friday 8pm Meditation Group with Sarah Jane Cullinane

Saturday 12pm Meditation Group with Helen Byrne

Sunday 12pm Meditation Group with Josephine Lynch

To join one of the sessions you need to download Zoom onto your device first.  Then choose a time that suits you and click on the link.   You will be brought to a zoom waiting room and the teacher will admit you.

You can also access recordings of guided audio meditations on this page, led by members of the team: Guided Audio Meditations

Often participants look for the names of the poems that teachers use in these sessions so we have started a collection of them and we will continue to gather them for you.  You can find them here: Mindful Poetry 

This exceptional time in our lives provides us with not only the necessity of supporting each other and cultivating solidarity, but also the opportunity to be creative in how we respond.  So we at The Mindfulness Centre are reaching out and inviting you to join us in taking a pause, connecting with this moment, and deliberately bringing our attention right here, right now, so that we can maybe de-escalate anxiety levels to some extent, and foster a sense of community.  We may be alone, but we can feel connected and  supported.  Let’s all do the best we can to consciously take care of ourselves and each other in these strange days.

Professional Training in Teaching Mindfulness-Based Interventions: next course starts in the Autumn of this year.

Josephine Lynch M.A. and Helen Byrne M.A will begin the next 18 month Professional Teacher Training in Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction & Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBSR & MBCT)  in the Autumn of this year (2020).  This is a comprehensive, rigorous, experiential professional teacher training, with a significant residential component, leading to a Diploma in Teaching MBSR/MBCT.  This training meets the standards developed by the Mindfulness Teachers Association of Ireland (MTAI), in line with all international good practice guidelines, and is one of the teacher trainings recognised by the MTAI (see www.mtai.ie.)


“The Professional Diploma has been an experience rich beyond measure.  The teachers  are leaders in the field and provide opportunities to enter fully into an experiential apprenticeship-style training which is challenging and worthwhile. This course is rich in andragogy, co-operative learning and inquiry-based teaching.  I have benefited personally and professionally from this wonderful experience and it gives me great pleasure to recommend this course to others.”

Niamh Digan M.Ed, BSc Couns & Psych, BA, Dip in Ed Leadership, MIGC, MIACP, Mindful Wellbeing Education Consulting

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Our Vision

We are committed to sharing mindfulness with people of all cultural and religious backgrounds, ethnicities, socio-economic classes, sexual orientations, gender identities, ages and levels of education. It is our intention to support people in applying the essence of mindfulness to every aspect of daily life. We are committed to honouring the ethical framework to which mindfulness belongs, supporting the cultivation of the inner and outer conditions which allow individuals to thrive and which lead to a more mindful and just society. This includes our commitment to acting in whatever ways we can to support this planet, reducing our need for paper and plastics, recycling and composting wherever we can and using only ecological products.